Fully Immersed In Learning

Tsukimi Retreat is an semi-annual (one photography and one videography) all-inclusive retreat created by Tu Nguyen Wedding. Each edition takes place in different places with different guest mentors & programs. Upcoming edition will be a wedding photography retreat held in Gran Sasso National Park (Abruzzo region, Italy) from April 13-18, 2020.

We will stay together as a small group in a stunning medieval town revived into a boutique design hotel. This hotel is not part of the hip Italian hotel route of idealized glamour and luxury but attracts people with a strong sense of adventure, a passion for history and authenticity, and a thirst for new experiences. We will have our amazing wedding planner Caterina taking care of all logistic elements (catering, accommodation, transport, styling, organizing the elopement & beyond…) so we can make the most out of four full days: learning, exchanging ideas, shooting, editing from dusk till dawn at the highest intensity!

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Opening up your mind

We will spend a few day close to nature learning with/from likeminded people, not to be distracted by the frenzied world, seeking mindfulness in a place that separates us from the noisy city life filled with activity that craves for attention which stop us from growing and striving forward. Building aesthetic eyes and vision is a never-ending journey and this retreat is like a special leveling up event to help you find the right path, break up the cycle of doing the same thing all over again.


Shooting & Editing a full-blown adventure elopement

For us elopement is becoming less and less about the bride with a model body wearing gorgeous wedding dress flying in a perfect way in front of the epic backdrop, less about one single moment like kissing romantically, hugging non stop or exchanging the rings and absolute not about following formulaic posing cues. It is less and less about creating one single, award-worthy image but rather observing its power in a complete story. A slice of the couple’s life, a journey they set together on this special occasion.

So that is exact what we do at this retreat: We have a real couple, working out a two way relationship and exploring the wilderness, doing outdoor and local authentic activities with them. Together we learn how to built an adventure elopement story from scratch: concept, planning, shooting (a lots of shooting! From getting ready, doing ceremony in the heart of the national park, couple portraits, various adventure sessions including horseback riding, hiking, traditional Italian bread-making course!) and last but not least, editing.

Learning to build your brand

Money is not the goal but it’s an important tool! We don't want to live to work, we want a sustainable business so we can secure our future and at the same time have time to enjoy life and traveling and still have some creative freedom to create something we’re passionate about.

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Where & When? How to get there?
Upcoming edition will be a wedding photography retreat held in Gran Sasso National Park (Abruzzo region, Italy) from April 13-18, 2020. Attendees arriving on April 13th. Leaving on April 18th. See more about location and directions here!

Price of the Retreat?
€1700 p.P (shared twin room) or €1900 p.P (private double room) & includes the following:
- Return transfer from Rome airports to the accommodation & between various shooting locations during the retreat
- 5 nights accommodation
- Breakfast/lunch/dinner and plenty of treats for 4 days + Welcome Dinner on 13th + Breakfast on 18th.
- 4 Days of Talks, Shootings & Activities.
- You will also get the ALEXIA Preset Pack, 30% off a Portfolio Review Session with Tu, brand new Horizon Preset Pack, 20% personal mentoring from Eric and other exclusive promo codes from our Sponsors.

Can I bring my business partner with me?
If you have a business partner which we can clearly see that on your website, you can bring your partner to the retreat for an extra surcharge that costs less than a second ticket. Let us know via email before proceed to book in that case!

What if I couldn’t make it to the event?
Payment is not refundable but if for some reasons you can’t attend the retreat after purchasing the ticket, you can transfer your ticket to another person (on your own responsibility).

The people behind Tsukimi Retreat and who are the mentors?
Tsukimi Retreat was created by Tu from Tu Nguyen Wedding. You can see the mentors’ list for 2020 edition here.

What is the retreat’s program?
See the full schedule here.

How many attendees will be there?
Max 16 attendees. Min 10 attendees, otherwise the retreat will be canceled and we will refund all your payments.

As a female, If I select a shared room option, will the roommate be a female?
Yes! Shared room option will never be mixed between male and female.

What if I have dietary requests?
Please let us know early enough so we can accommodate your dietary restrictions.

What should I bring to the retreat?
Cameras, lenses & other gears to shoot the elopement.
Laptops to learn the editing workflow.

Is this retreat suitable for beginner or for seasoned wedding photographers only?
Both. Here we won’t talk much (or at all) about technical stuffs. There are enough blogs, youtube videos and books for that. Our focus is to change your mindset so you have room to develop in your own way, building up your storytelling skill, aesthetics and practical shooting experiences.

What is the weather like?
Located at an altitude of over 1000 meters with many peaks over 2000 meters, Gran Sasso National Park can be quite unpredictable, the weather can range from snow and low temperatures, to sunshine and quite warm. Wind is often quite strong and wind chill is also a factor that need to be taken into consideration. Proper cold-weather clothing and gears such as good hiking shoes, comfortable yet sturdy pants, warm jacket, rain jacket… are highly recommended. And yes, layering!

How does shooting a real elopement at a workshop look like?
We will have a real, adventurous couple and do a “real” elopement for them. Of course there will be mentors and attendees there so it would be a bit more "production" than an usual elopement but the philosophy is pretty much the same. We’ll have a full-blown adventure elopement with pre-elopement adventure shooting session (hiking, horseback riding…), getting ready at the hotel, first look, ceremony, couple shootings, other authentic local activities such as traditional Italian bread-making… Each session will be led by one mentor and they will shoot the couple first. Then attendees will have times to shoot the couple under their guides. With the exception of the ceremony to keep it real!

Can I use the photos for my portfolio?
Yes, under one condition: You have to make it clear (be it on your website or social medias…) that the photos were taken during this retreat/workshop with credits/link to everyone involved.